Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Intentions

Despite my best intentions, I am obviously not good at writing on a regular basis. As much as I keep promising myself I'll write at least once a week, I continue to not to it. I love to write, but there is always something to be done first - laundry, clean the kitchen, get on the treadmill, etc. The other thing I am not good at is writing when things are going well. I tend to use it to vent when the chips are down, so to speak, which means anyone reading my posts might think I'm a generally miserable person. But I'm babbling...
Jack is now 16 1/2 months old. He is cutting all four of his first molars at one time, which makes him a tad cranky. He's only been taking one nap these days, and it generally only lasts about an hour. It makes him REALLY cranky around 5:30, but he sleeps like a rock for 11-12 hours at night. I guess I'd rather have a good night sleeper than a good napper. It's just hard to get things done that have to be done during the day, like make doctor's appointments. Jack will be playing contentedly by himself, and I'll think, "I can make a quick call while he's occupied." As soon as I've dialed, he is crawling up my leg, intensely interested in what I'm doing and demanding the phone as only a pre-verbal toddler can.
All in all, I'm really enjoying Jack being this age. Young babies are precious, but it's so much fun to watch a toddler investigate his world and for us to be able to communicate so much more with each other. And the big sloppy kisses and hugs are just great. Sometimes he'll suddenly stop playing and come over to dive into my lap for a cuddle, and that's when I think being a mom is the greatest thing on earth.

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